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Conference registration fee
- Registration fee is mandatory for all participants with papers accepted for presentation at the Conference.
- Only the author/co-author, who has paid a registration fee, can present the paper accepted for presentation at the Conference.
- Registration fee is mandatory for each paper, accepted for presentation at the Conference.
- One author (as the only author) can have a maximum of two papers at the Conference and for each has to pay a full registration fee.
- Invited papers must have paid the full registration fee.
- Student registration fees must be accompanied by valid evidence that the author is a student of an accredited level of study.
- The paper not presented at the Conference will be excluded from the Conference Proceedings and the appropriate database, and the registration fee will not be refunded.
- Valid registration fee includes 4 pages of text in the format provided, while each additional page is charged 50 € (for each type of Conference fee).
- Papers can be presented within oral or poster section. Poster format should be A0. The author's obligation is to provide the poster.

- Registration fee:


    Payment until 19.02.2024.    

    Payment after 19.02.2024.    

IEEE members









- Transaction costs has to be paid by the authors of the papers. The above amounts represent net value.
- IEEE members submit proof of membership.



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NOTE : All payments will be made through NLB bank Montenegro .